Munich Community Music Center (English)


Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kertz-Welzel
Dr. Sibylle Köllinger
Andreas Truong, M.Mus.
Christoph Blatzer, M.Mus.
Simone Spangler
Beatrice McNamara, M.A.
Veronika Hofer, M.Mus.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Kertz-Welzel


Based in the institute of music education at Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich, the Munich Community Music Center (MCMC) acts as a conduit for research, education and practice in community music. Located within the department of the arts and as part of the Munich Arts Research Centre (MARC), the MCMC is committed to establishing community music as a field of research and practice in Germany. In order to achieve this goal, the MCMC operates within five distinct strands:



1. Research

2. Practice

3. Network

4. Professional development

5. Projects



  • Research:

    • Adapt the concept of community music in a way that is useful for German music education
    • Establish community music as a field of research in German music education
    • Critically reflect and examine the development of community music in Germany and internationally
    • Encourage and provide support for new scholars (Masters, PhD) and students interested in investigating community music projects or developing theoretical frameworks
    • Further develop appropriate strategies and methods for research, including arts-based research, practice-as research, ethnography, narrative research, and case study
    • Disseminate findings through publications and performance
    • Organize symposia and lectures
  • Practice:

    • Provide performance opportunities for local or national community music groups
    • Offer music workshopsProvide support and advice for projects
  •  Network:

    • Connect local and national community music groups
    • Facilitate exchange between local community music groups
    • Create a database of interesting community music groups in Munich and Germany
    • Source and catalogue funding opportunities
  • Professional development:

    • Organize skill-based workshops for students, teachers and musicians
    • Connect local musicians with professionals and teachers
    • Integrate practices and principles of community music into the curriculum of the music teacher education program and life long learning activities at LMU
  • Projects:

    • Provide performance space at the institute of music education at LMU for local community music groups
    • Work with schools using the practices and principles of community music
    • Provide consultation for those wishing to develop projects

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